We succeed when you do.

INTIQ services are uniquely designed to embrace and improve processes while helping businesses achieve their goals and objectives. We help organizations align all relevant requirements to specific business needs utilizing professional skilled auditors, instructor’s and strategic software solutions to promote an atmosphere of sustainable success.


We will be with you every step of the way

INTI.Q can provide you with guidance and support on how to get your certification started. We understand the challenges of implementing new requirements and the benefits of starting in the right path to the certification process.
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The Meaning of Personal Certification

Personal Certification is a formal recognition, which states that the individual has proficiency within, and a comprehension of, a specified body of knowledge. Certification is a vital component of every professional as it provides evidence that certified professionals hold standardized competencies based on best practices. Certification can also serve as documented evidence of a professional’s qualifications, competencies, and experience.
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Training courses that will provide you with the tools you need

INTI.Q has strategically partnered with key organizations to bring the right tools, qualified ISO auditors and authorized trainers. Our training programs will assist you in building a business culture where employees are passionate about their work and strive to continuously improve the bottom line
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Integrated Management System Solutions that work for you

INTIQ has negotiated key partnerships with software experts who have developed cost-effective, innovative risk software solutions that can be tailored to both large and small organizations. This risk tool provides organizations, professionals and consultants, with a one-stop risk solution.
This blended approach of software ensures that the organizations understand and can demonstrate risk compliance to clients, national and international regulations, standards and best practices.
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Assessments that are Focus on Adding Value to your Business

INTI.Q offers external (second party audits) we also customized assessments for clients that have multiple requirements.
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