Assessments that are Focus on Adding Value to your Business

INTI.Q offers External (second party audits) we also customized assessments for clients that have multiple requirements.

The main differences between internal and external audit rely on the interests between the organization performing the audit and the one being audited, and in the purpose of the audit.

First Party assessment

The purpose of a self assessment (1st party) is to monitor and analyze key intradepartmental processes which, if left unattended, have the potential to disintegrate and negatively affect product quality, safety and overall system integrity.

First-party assessments are design to:

  • Provide important feedback to management on much-needed corrective and preventive measures.
  • Measure your organization’s continual improvement over time as well as measuring the return on investment for sustaining that effort.

Second Party assessment

The second party assessment differs from an external audit in that a contractor has an interest in identifying potential weaknesses or oversights and providing recommendations to fix deficiencies.

Second Party Assessments are intended to:

  • Provide an independent objective review.
  • Help each functional area find solutions to problems identified in the review.
  • Help each functional area develop implementation and performance monitoring systems based on its own business initiatives.

Pre-built and customized assessments

INTI.Q’s experts help organizations align requirements to use under one checklist which facilitates internal and external assessments.