About Us


Providing Certification Services Training, Assesments and Software Solutions

Who We Are

INTI Q Solutions was formed by international management systems experts with a track record of helping organizations become successful in the US and throughout Latin America. We recognize that in today’s global marketplace, large and small companies need to comply with emerging requirements to compete effectively.

Some of these requirements take the form of government regulations, ISO certifications, technical, customer-specific requirements, or internal programs.

Certifying and maintaining an effective management system challenges every business uniquely.

What We Do

We embrace and develop processes while helping businesses achieve their goals. Additionally, we partner with our clients to enhance their performance.

Our pool of experts is selected based on their professionalism and experience, along with appropriate industry background and knowledge to support your project and business needs.


Our Mission

INTI Q Solutions’ mission is to be a center of excellence where organizations can acquire knowledge, best practices, and tools to improve their management systems.

We will assist in promoting a business culture of competence and compliance based on specific needs that allow organizations to become more competitive.


Our Commitment

Our client care principles are centralized to add value, communicate with clarity, and develop outstanding services.

These standards are internalized so that we constantly monitor our performance, providing you with the highest level of professionalism to help you succeed in today’s global market.