When things don't work as they should, it often means that standards are absent.

ISO Certification Is the Common Language in Today’s Global Market


INTI Q Solutions is an authorized partner of PECB and MSECB registrar. Our goal is to ensure that our customers have a comprehensive and effective certification process.

The PECB and MSECB Management System Certification programs are accredited by the International Accreditation Service-IAS to ISO/IEC 17024 for PECB and ISO/IEC 17021-1 Conformity Assessment—requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems for MSECB.

IAS is part of the IAF-MLA Multilateral Recognition Agreement where all the countries participate to create policies for accreditation bodies to follow. This process uses ISO standards that provide global recognition to your certificate.

The MSECB uses ISO/IEC 17021-1 to ensure competent audit teams with adequate resources are following a consistent process and reporting audit results consistently.

It also helps create confidence among regulators, consumers, suppliers, and other stakeholders that certificates granted by one certification body are effectively equivalent to that offered by another.


Issuance and Maintenance

ISO certification is a third-party audit performed by a certification body such as the MSECB who, upon verification that an organization complies with the requirements of the ISO standard, will issue a certificate.

This certification is then maintained through regularly scheduled annual surveillance audits by the registrar, with re-certification of the management system performed on a tri-annual basis.

Five Steps in Getting Your Certification Started

  • 1 Complete the MSECB Application
  • 2 Review and approve proposal and terms
  • 3 Schedule audit dates
  • 4 Confirm certification assessment
  • 5 Receive certificate

What Is a Third-Party Assessment?

Third-party audits can be mandatory (depending on the standard/regulation and the industry sector) or voluntary. In both cases, the organization wishing to be audited will have to contract the services of a qualified organization to perform an independent and objective audit, such as registrars (certification bodies) or regulators.

This process is completed for certification, registration, or verification purposes.


Sixteen Steps to Kick-Start Your ISO Certification

  • 1 Identify what standard you are seeking certification to
  • 2 Purchase the standard
  • 3 Select a consultant/coach
  • 4 Select a registrar
  • 5 Schedule a certification audit
  • 6 Create a budget
  • 7 Create a timeline
  • 8 Select an internal audit team
  • 9 Schedule training
  • 10 Schedule a gap analysis
  • 11 Start implementing a management system
  • 12 Schedule an internal assessment
  • 13 Take proper corrective actions
  • 14 Schedule your management review
  • 15 Conduct a certification audit with the registrar
  • 16 Receive certificate

INTI.Q Solutions

Will help you achieve your business goals and assist you with the certification process. We work with key partners that will support your certification needs.