KATE is a free application that allows you to view PECB courses. This app allows you to access the PECB courses assigned to you. It requires you to login with your PECB account. Additionally, you can also send comments/feedback on course material and make personal notes.

KATE is a freeware application compatible with multiple operating systems supporting both our training course content formats, regular format with slides or eLearning format with video training course sections recorded by PECB Certified Trainers.

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A user-friendly experience

Our app offers a user-friendly experience, which will allow you to focus more on learning and making this whole experience more enjoyable. Through KATE, you will easily access your training courses as well as download them locally on your device. This will allow you to access the learning content when there is no internet connectivity as well.

Valuable information at your fingertips

You can use KATE to:

  • 1 Access the regular training course content format and eLearning format (videos)
  • 2 Download the training course files locally
  • 3 Store personal notes which will be available during open-book online exams
  • 4 Submit feedback to PECB
  • 5 Launch the presenter mode
  • 6 Select the slide quality and slide loading mode depending on the internet connection speed
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PECB Exams is an online examination application which allows you to take exams from anywhere at a scheduled time, in an efficient and secure manner.

About PECB Exams App

With our exam application, designed with the latest trends and highest standards, taking an exam has never been easier.

  • 1 Flexible and cost-effective choice
  • 2 Instant and accurate evaluation and faster results
  • 3 Increased security and privacy

An enjoyable online exam experience

A forward-thinking and eco-friendly option designed to make your testing experience easier. Online exam sessions are available across different time zones. In just a few clicks, you can first create your examination profile and then schedule your online exam to take it from anywhere in the world at your most convenient date and time.

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A cost-effective solution

Be aligned with the advancing technologies and demands of the globalized world. Take the most out of our feature-rich platform and use it to facilitate your examination experience. With this online tool, things get easy and you will not have to deal with manual activities.

Note for Mac users: PECB is working on a version that will be fully compatible with all Mac devices, and in the meantime, we kindly ask you to use a Windows device that meets the technical requirements in PECB Exams User Manuals – PECB Help Center to take an online exam. As soon as this version is released, we will be announcing it accordingly. Please do not hesitate to contact the Examination team ( if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding.

Examination Profile

The Examination Profile serves the purpose of identifying the examinee before entering the online exam session. The Online Exams Invigilator will compare the examination profile with the live camera feed they get from the examinee’s end through the webcam. If the identity matches with the examination profile, the examinee will be accepted in the session and can start the exam.

How to submit your PECB examination profile

The IDs accepted for the Examination Profile are listed below:

1 Passport Employee Identification Card
2 National ID Student Identification Card
3 Driver’s License Professional Membership Card
4 Other Governmental issued ID Retail Membership Card
5 - Wholesale Membership Card
6 - Other Membership Card with your frontal picture
  • 1 Login to myPECB Dashboard
  • 2 Click the Examination Profile tab
  • 3 Capture the required pictures following the guidelines set on the right side
  • 4 Let us know if English is your native language and provide an emergency contact number
  • 5 Click the Submit button

The ID should only show the examinees’ front profile picture and the full name. If the ID shows more information than requested, the examination profile application will be rejected. Please re-submit it with the requested changes.

Scheduling and Online Exam

Examinees can choose to take the certification exam through our online examination platform. All examinees are provided with coupon codes by the training course organizer. The coupon code can be used to schedule an online exam and also apply for certification when the exam is passed successfully.

How to schedule an online exam:

  • 1 Login to myPECB Dashboard
  • 2 Go to Events tab and click on Exam Events
  • 3 Provide your Exam Category and Exam Language
  • 4 Click the Choose Exam Slot button to get options you can select from
  • 5 After finding your convenient slot, click the Schedule Now button
  • 6 Provide the coupon code to waive the scheduling fee
  • 7 Agree to the PECB Exam Rules and Policies, as well as the requirements of having a webcam during the online exam session
  • 8 Click the Place Your Order button
  • 9 An email with a link to download the PECB Exams application will be sent as a confirmation for your schedule

PECB Exams Application Technical Requirements

There are specifications when examinee uses Personal or Work Device.

4.1 Personal Device

As the application blocks other computer resources when launched, it is recommended to launch the application using a private\ computer rather than one belonging to a domain network (e.g. office network). However, if you use a personal device in a domain network, contact the Systems Administrator to have PECB Exams application marked as safe at any software and hardware that might cause any interruptions before launching it. Software/Hardware categories that might block PECB Exams from launching or running are:

  • 1 Firewalls
  • 2 Anti-Viruses
  • 3 Pop-up Blockers

Otherwise, you will not be able to sit for the online exam.

NOTE: Please make sure to quit any applications that allows remote access to the device, such as Anydesk, Teamviewer.

4.2 Work Device

If you are using a device that belongs to a domain network, please contact your Systems Administrator to have PECB Exams application marked as safe at any software and hardware that might cause any interruptions before launching it. Software/Hardware categories that might block PECB Exams from launching or running are:

  • 1 Firewalls
  • 2 Anti-Viruses
  • 3 Pop-up Blockers

Otherwise, you will not be able to sit for the online exam.

How to become a PECB trainer

PECB is committed to ensuring that it offers quality courses that are delivered by high-caliber professional trainers. Good public speaking and general communication, interpersonal skills, and expertise in the professional field are some of the qualities that make an exemplary trainer.

The PECB brand is represented worldwide through its wide network that includes around 2,000 PECB Certified Trainers. Trainers are the face of PECB and consequently have a considerable impact on how the organization is perceived by our clients. Actions of each Trainer make a statement on how they present themselves to the clients and shall project an image that fosters confidence and trust in them and PECB as well.

Why become a PECB Certified Trainer?

All PECB training courses worldwide are delivered by PECB Certified Trainers who go through a rigorous certification process that evaluates their knowledge, skills, experience, and competences for a given certification scheme. Any individual that meets the criteria, requirements, and prerequisites set forth in the Trainer Certification Program can become a PECB Certified Trainer.

The role of a PECB Certified Trainer is to provide trainees with the knowledge and skills to perform better in their role or position. To do so, trainers should be well-prepared and organized, stay up to date with current trends, have strong communication and interpersonal skills, and display loyalty to their trainees and PECB.

The benefits of becoming a PECB Certified Trainer are:

  • 1 Building a profile as an expert
  • 2 Obtaining well-paid training mandates
  • 3 Delivering top-quality training course materials
  • 4 Meeting a wide range of professionals from the same field
  • 5 Gaining worldwide teaching opportunities
  • 6 Increasing visibility among other trainers as a PECB Certified Trainer
  • 7 Obtaining various benefits as per the PECB Trainer Level Scheme

PECB Trainer Certification process

Trainer application requirements:


Each candidate needs to have the professional certificate of the respective course he/she intends to teach (ex. for being able to teach the ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Course, the trainer should have the ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Certificate - issued either by PECB or by an international recognized Certification Body).

Trainer Agreement

The trainer should read, agree, and sign the PECB Trainer Agreement. The matters below and more, must be acknowledged in the agreement.

  • 1 Misrepresentation or unauthorized possession of PECB certificates
  • 2 Usage of PECB Certification Mark/Logo
  • 3 Compliance with the PECB Code of Ethics

PECB Trainer Role Introduction

A video presentation which provides a closer look about PECB services including what PECB expects from its Trainers.


A short quiz session consisting of questions entirely based on the content of the PECB Trainer Role Introduction.


A short questionnaire consisting of questions related to the previous work experience, any related experience to delivering trainings and general knowledge of ISO Standards

Trainer Demo Presentation

Demonstration of presentation and communication skills and knowledge. To be presented in English, French, Spanish or Italian.

The evaluation process can take up to 2-3 weeks and depending on the results of the evaluation, a trainer candidate can be asked to comply with additional requirements such as: attending a training session, deliver a training session under supervision or passing an exam.


The trainer recertification process can be performed three (3) months prior/after the expiry date. If recertification has not been performed during this period of time, the trainer may be required to start the certification process from the beginning. To be able to renew the certificate, trainers are required to fulfill these requirements:

  • 1 PECB Certification
  • 2 Delivering a PECB Training Course
  • 3 Positive Feedback
  • 4 PECB Trainer Agreement