ISO Certification is the Common Language in Today’s Global Market.

INTI.Q as a PECB authorized partner offer certification exams

There are two exam types:

  1. Multiple choice “closed book” exam where the candidates are not authorized to use anything but the exam paper and a pen or,
  2. Essay type “open book” exam where the candidates are only authorized to use the following reference materials:
  • A copy of the standard in paper hardcopy
  • Course notes from the Participant Handout
  • Any personal notes made by the student during the course
  • A hard copy dictionary.

The use of electronic devices, such as laptops, cell phones, etc., is not allowed.

The passing score for the exams differs.

To ensure impartiality, independent invigilators are designated to monitor the examination process and these invigilators will also ensure anonymity by assigning an identification number to each candidate’s exam.

Take a PECB Certification Exam.

Candidates will be required to arrive at least thirty (30) minutes before the beginning of the certification exam. Candidates arriving late will not be given additional time to compensate for the late arrival and may be denied entry to the exam room (if they arrive more than 5 minutes after the beginning of the exam scheduled time). A candidate that had exclusively registered for an exam (who did not follow a training course) and does not show up the day of the exam will have to register for a new exam. 

All candidates will need to present a valid identity card with a picture such as a driver’s license or a government ID to the invigilator.

The duration of the exam varies according to the type of examination taken.

Additional time can be provided to candidates taking the exam in a language different than their mother tongue, when requested by the candidates on the exam day.


To ensure equal opportunities for all qualified persons, INTI.Q will make reasonable accommodations for candidates when appropriate. If you require special accommodations related to a disability in order to take the examination, please let us know to arrange the exam session properly. The information you provide and any documentation regarding your disability and your need or accommodation will be treated with strict confidentiality. Please let us know at

Exam Cancelation.

Please contact INTI.Q for any changes regarding examination date, time, location, or other details.