Strategic Software

Strategic software solution that is practical, easy to use and is low-cost tools that can support the new risk challenges organizations face in our fast-growing market. They offer a cloud-based solution that can be placed behind your firewall, if necessary, offering a real and extremely cost-effective ROI.


Control Risk Assessment (CRO)

Control Risk Online (CR Online) module provides the ability for organizations, professionals and consultants to undertake assessments for controls to ensure that the control environment in your organization is providing the coverage needed to ensure security at all levels have been met.

The assessment modules provide an assessment using two (2) types of risk,

  • 1 Inherent Risk measuring controls effectiveness and amount of residual risk remaining and
  • 2 Controls risk based on implementation, CIA and impact and probability.

Modules available include ISO controls, CyberSecurity controls, HIPAA controls and GDPR controls.

Asset Risk (AR)

AR module provides a full menu of Asset Risk and Business Impact Analysis capabilities, as well as powerful Risk and Impact Assessment tools. It is unique because it adds a comprehensive set of risk, threat, vulnerability and control libraries that can be used by companies that must implement Asset Risk.

AR can be easily aligned to existing organizational Risk Management programs. For any company that must perform Asset Risk Assessments, AR adds efficiency to Risk Management processes and provides agility in responding to changes in threats, vulnerabilities and the organization.

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

BIA module provides the capabilities to add services, application that if in the event of an extended outage that can be effectively measured so that the overall risks can be assessed, and actions taken. BIA can add forms (background information) that supports the activities so the overall picture can be evaluated appropriately by the Business owner.

The MTPoD, RTO and RPO will provide the assessor the view on the issues faced and the priorities required to get the organization back from the brink. The ability to add additional properties (easily) is available to supplement the need for additional required information.

Risk Treatment (RT)

Working with risk demands effort in providing solutions for identifying opportunities for remediation of threats and vulnerabilities. RTM offers solutions to the ISO world – treating and tracking Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions and Risk Treatment Plans including Root Cause Analysis and with any risk remediation process for BCMS/DR of GDPR/Business risk , in fact any risk remediation process needed. Fixing and managing risks treatments will never be the same – Risk Treatment Manager provides risk measurement guidance and workflow activities supporting remediation efforts.

Suite of program features include:

  • Self Service login to obtain access
  • Two factor authentication (optional)
  • In addition to risk scoring, control information is included in the assessment to provide a full picture of the control
  • Assessments can be started, stopped and restarted to ensure the assessment is undertaken at your desired pace
  • Full reporting with a graphical interface
  • Reports can be generated and output to PDF format
  • Supports mobile device usage – Apple, Android, Tablets, etc.
  • Cloud Service (Azure)
  • Multi assessments available
  • Voice narration in multiple languages
  • Application available in local language if needed currently English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French