ISO/IEC 20000 – Information Technology

What is ISO/IEC 20000?

This document specifies requirements for an organization to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve a service management system (SMS). The requirements specified in this document include the planning, design, transition, delivery, and improvement of services to meet the service requirements and deliver value.

  • Part 1 specifies the requirements for developing and implementing an IT Service Management System and;
  • Part 2 includes guidance on the application of service management systems within the scope of ISO/IEC 20000-1.

Why is IT service management important for you?

Build up your skills and help your organization to successfully undergo the ISO/IEC 20000 procedures and the implementation of an effective IT service management system. When implementing an effective ISO/IEC 20000 you demonstrate your ability to design, deliver and improve the services. ISO/IEC 20000 certificate demonstrates your determination to achieve a certain level of professionalism and trustworthiness.

Benefits of ISO/IEC 20000 IT service management

  • Improved credibility
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Increased comprehension of business objectives
  • Improved brand reputation
  • Development of new capabilities
  • Leveraged ITIL experience
  • Increased ability to plan and control
  • Reducing response time
  • Decreased incidents
  • Creates a culture of continuous improvement
  • Gain competitive advantage

How do I get started with ISO/IEC 20000 Training?

INTI.Q has the right training for you. Learn more about IT service management through the ISO/IEC 20000 training course. Find below the training that best suits you:

ISO/IEC 20000 INTRODUCTION Understand the main concepts of an IT Service Management System (IT SMS)1 DAYS
ISO/IEC 20000 FOUNDATION Gain knowledge on the principles and process of IT SMS implementation2 DAYS
ISO/IEC 20000 LEAD IMPLEMENTER Develop the skills and competence to implement and manage an IT SMS based on ISO/IEC 200005 DAYS
ISO/IEC 20000 LEAD AUDITOR Gain the skills and knowledge to perform EOMS audits5 DAYS
ISO/IEC 20000:2018 TRANSITION Learn the updates on the new ISO/IEC 20000 standard and help organizations transition to, and comply with the new requirements2 DAYS