ISO 20700 – Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services

What is ISO 20700?

ISO 20700, Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services, aims to help management consultancy service providers (MCSPs) and their clients improve transparency and understanding of their consultancy assignments, in order to achieve better results. The appropriate application of this International Standard enables the service providers to reduce risk in management consultancy assignments, bring valuable expertise to an organization when initiating organizational growth and/or change and provide better value to its clients. 

ISO 20700 is applicable to all MCSPs regardless of size or the operation field, including associations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, partnerships etc. While focusing on the importance of understanding and meeting client’s needs, the standard gives an opportunity to MCSPs to protect innovation and differentiation. 

ISO 20700 – Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services, was published for the first time in June 2017.

Why are ISO 20700 recommendations important for you?

The clients’ growing expectations and evolving needs generate the necessity of having efficient management consultancies that own the potential to help organizations operate effectively.  Organizational design and optimization, the support provided in decision making process, innovation and launching of a product, are just some of many ways management consultancies can help organizations perform better.

Based on best practices of the management consultancy industry, ISO 20700 includes recommendations that will guide you to improve the specification, execution, acceptance of the outcome and closure of management consultancy services.

Furthermore, our training courses will help you enhance your professional reputation, while improving the quality of your consultancy services. At the same time, by following this International Standard, both clients and management consultancy service providers will be able to clearly understand a standardized management consultancy framework which leads to continuous improvement of business relationships. 

Benefits of ISO 20700- Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services

  • Improve client understanding and visibility of the benefits they can experience through the consultancy services
  • Learn the techniques and good practices used for the effective delivery of management consulting services
  • Develop the ability to better understand the client’s needs and provide better value for them
  • Reduce the risks when providing management consulting services
  • Ensure more predictable outcomes
  • Improve the quality, professionalism, and ethical behavior during consulting assignments

How do I get started with ISO 20700 training?

Are you keen to know more about Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services? Our experts at INTI.Q will assist you with instruction on how to get certified against ISO 20700 standard. Check the training course below find out more about how ISO 20700 can boost your career: