ISO 22316 Security and Resilience – Organizational Resilience 

What is ISO 22316?

ISO 22316 provides guidance to enhance organizational resilience for any size or type of organization. It is not specific to any industry or sector. ISO 22316:2017 can be applied throughout the life of an organization. This standard does not promote uniformity in approach across all organizations, as specific objectives and initiatives are tailored to suit an individual organization’s needs. This Standard is developed to provide a better understanding of the organizational resilience, its principles and the mechanisms that support it. 

Why is Organizational Resilience important for you?

Becoming ISO 22316 certified will empower you to help your organization in achieving a unique culture, which enables you and your organization to survive and succeed even after an unexpected event happens. Acquire the necessary knowledge to better understand the interested parties and dependencies that support strategic goals and objectives. You will be qualified to help an organization improve its capacity to respond to and anticipate any threats and opportunities. Certainly, having the ability to identify vulnerabilities before they have an impact, guarantees you a competitive advantage in the market. 

Benefits of ISO 22316 Organizational Resilience 

The ISO 22316 Certificate will bring you many benefits, such as:

  • Advance the ability to clarify the nature and scope of resilience
  • Allow you to identify the main components of resilience and enable an organization to review its resilience
  • Provide the necessary knowledge to implement and measure improvement
  • Increase the capacity to adapt and respond successfully to unforeseen events
  • Improve the ability to reduce costs and increase efficiency through the avoidance of pitfalls
  • Gain a better understanding of the threats
  • Build an organizational resilience culture
  • Increase the confidence of clients
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Ensure contract compliance
  • Increase the competitive advantage

How do I get started with ISO 22316 Training?

If you are eager to expand your knowledge, succeed, and most importantly be recognized worldwide. INTI.Q has the right training for you. Learn more about Organizational Resilience through the ISO 22316 training course. Find below the training that best suits you: